Yandy Smith Harris

Author, Entrepreneur, Activist and Television Personality. 

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Named 2020’s most influential personality by the NAACP, Yandy Smith-Harris is a modern day renaissance woman and one of the entertainment industry’s most sought after executives. 

Smith began her career as a music business executive for multimedia conglomerate Violator Management. It was there where she worked alongside the likes of LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Mona Scott-Young. During this time, Smith also received global recognition as one of Billboard Magazine’s “Top 30 Executives Under 30”. From the music industry, Smith migrated to television where she created what we know today as the Love & Hip-Hop franchise. While serving as a producer on season one of LHH and after nudging from mentor Mona Scott-Young, she made the decision to become a cast member. The decision to move from behind the camera to on-screen talent has made her a household name and inspiration for women and girls around the world. 

Smith has amassed an impressive resume which includes authoring two books (an E-guide titled The Beauty of Marketing in Business and a children’s books titled My Blended Family), founding beauty brand YELLE. Skincare Inc, Co-Founding lifestyle brand EGL (Everything Girls Love) Inc, Co- Founding non profit organization PUDS (Partners Uplifting Our Daughters and Sons ) Inc, and earning her hollywood stripes as Executive Producer of films such as Life, Love, Soul (2012), Percy (2020), and Nine Days (2020) through partnership with Mansa Productions. 

While she’s incredibly proud of her accomplishments, what she’s most proud of is her role as mother to son Omere Harris, daughter Skylar Harris and foster daughter Infinity Gillard, her role as a mentor to the young people she encounters through her nonprofit organization, her role as a motivational speaker and voice of hope for aspiring female entrepreneurs all of the world and her role as a member of the board of directors for the social justice organization Until Freedom through which she has been on the frontlines using her platform and influence to bring attention to racial injustice, systemic racism and economic disparities in urban neighborhoods. 

Yandy Smith-Harris is presently continuing to expand her work in the areas of beauty, television, film and activism. She is aspirational beyond measure and it’s clear that her entrepreneurial excellence will be far reaching for years to come.