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YELLE Beauty is the New Standard in Beauty for Melanin Rich Skin.  A female owned company made up of 98% women, YELLE Beauty prides itself on being a practical beauty brand for the modern woman who needs hardworking products with multi-tasking benefits.  We work with smart, innovative women to curate the heartbeat and distinct beauty needs of today’s multi-faceted woman of color.  Licensed beauty professionals, beauty centric research & development led by beauty/business executive thought leaders. 


Everything Girls Love is driven by the mantra “Being superhuman may not be possible, but being the best ‘you’ is absolutely achievable.” With this as our guiding light, EGL and all of its affiliates are charged with the task of promoting a positive image of womanhood by providing tools to help women find a healthy balance in life. It is a common belief that women must choose between their careers and families often sacrificing one for the other.

We challenge this theory. EGL personifies the phrase, “Girl Power.” The EGL Digital Magazine and Blog provide an online community for women to locate informative content on a variety of topics from health, love and finance to fashion and beauty. Our mission as a company is to create community based programs and activities that enrich the lives of the everyday woman.

EGL PUD (Partners Uplifting Our Daughters) Inc. is responding to a sense of responsibility to pay it forward. The EGL PUD mentorship program targets middle school and high school age girls and is designed to promote the development of literacy and emotional wellness. The main goal of the program is to help young girls create a new mindset on their self-worth through creative expression coupled with building a strong female bond they can keep with them as they develop emotionally and physically.

EGL Wins is a community of women, dedicated to the mission of partnering and positioning themselves for advancement through Collaboration➕Community


Mansa Productions was founded to develop and produce captivating film and television content, as well as create organic entertainment events. With each project, we set out to impact a vast audience on platforms that stretch from the big screen to the small screen, the one in your pocket.